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Library Loans


Over the past five years, a central goal of Wilmington Academy has been to develop a reading culture and improve the reading ability of our students. While there are several ways we track this progress, one factor is the loans data from the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

In the past five years, the LRC has been housed in three venues. From 2009 to October 2012, the LRC was housed in a large room with all sections of the 6000+ book stock in circulation. From October 2012 to November 2013, the LRC was in an interim space during the new build construction, and had a reduced stock limited to Accelerated Reader books and some non-fiction. After moving into its new facilities in November 2013, the LRC has returned to its full book stock of almost 10,000 books including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Senior Fiction, and a new Media library. The older key stages were affected mildly by the absence of the Senior Fiction section during the new build construction, but this is expected to rectify across the next two years.  Loans in the lower years continue to rise.

This loan data reflects a constant commitment by staff to encouraging and supporting reading in all year levels, as well as being a credit to our wonderful librarian Debbie Kennedy.

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