Creative Digital Media

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Years 9, 10 and 11

BTEC First Creative Digital Media Production

Creative Digital Media Production will inspire and enthuse learners to consider a career in the creative digital media sectors, rather than just to participate in media recreationally, for example surfing the web or playing video games and give learners the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of, and develop skills in, the creative digital media industry, e.g. moving image, audio production, games design, website design and publishing.

The course consists of two core, one mandatory and three optional units.

Unit 1: Digital Media Sectors and Audiences (Core) externally assessed – Learners will understand digital media sectors, products and platforms. Understand and explore how audiences engage with digital media products.

Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product (Core) – Learners will understand how to develop ideas for a digital media product, pitch ideas and produce planning for a digital media product.

Unit 3: Digital Moving Image Production (Optional) – In this unit, you will explore the construction of different types of moving image productions: fictional, factual and promotional. You will focus on camerawork as key to the ‘language’ of visual communication but will also explore mise en scène (setting, locations, props, costumes and make-up), sound and editing which are all necessary components of a finished product.

Unit 6: Website Production (Optional) – In this unit you will investigate the context in which websites exist as well as their purpose and uses. You will gain knowledge and the appropriate skills required for the design and development of websites, as well as an overview of the coding behind web pages and how web design software can be used to control the page content.

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Years 12 and 13

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production

The qualification provides a coherent introduction to the study of creative digital media production. Learners develop an understanding of the media industry through analysing media representations and pitching and producing media projects.

The course consists of Equivalent in size to one A Level. 4 units of which 3 are mandatory and 2 are external. Mandatory content (83%). External assessment (58%).

Unit 1: Media Representations

In this unit, you will study a range of media from different sectors, such as music videos, short film extracts, animation, news programmes, websites, digital games and print adverts in order to explore how meaning, messages and values are constructed through formal and stylistic elements.

Unit 4: Pre Production Portfolio

This unit will enable you to develop your understanding of the essential pre-production work that takes place as part of a creative media production. You will gain an understanding of the requirements of the planning stage, from finance and logistics to regulations. Your investigations will help you develop the pre-production skills and experience needed to carry out your own tasks and to produce a digital media product.

Unit 8: Responding to a Commission

In this unit, you will understand how to respond to a commission brief with ideas based on the required content, style, audience, purpose and approach proposed by the client. You will work within the requirements and constraints of the client’s specifications and consider your response in terms of ethos, format, budget, platform and duration.

Unit 10: Film Production – Fiction

Film production is becoming increasingly accessible with advances in portable, high quality and relatively low-cost equipment and software. The requirements of telling a story through the medium of film or video, and the discipline required to communicate this to an audience, remain as necessary as ever. In this unit, you will investigate how conventions of narrative storytelling are used by filmmakers, looking at formats and generic conventions. You will then prepare for a film production by creating and gathering the materials and preparing the cast and crew.

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Creative Media Production

 The BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production has been designed to allow learners to develop the core specialist knowledge, understanding and skills, including pre-production techniques, research techniques for the creative media industries and an understanding of the creative media sector.

Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries

Learners will develop research skills knowledge and understanding of research techniques is vital in a number of roles in advertising and marketing. The ability to undertake research is essential for anyone working in the media industries.

Unit 30: Advertisement Production for Television

Learners will develop practical production skills and learn how to plan, produce and monitor production through to a completed advert for television. The unit therefore offers an opportunity for learners to engage in activities which are integral to other forms of media production and hence gain skills and knowledge which are highly transferable. Finally, they will evaluate the effectiveness of the finished product.

Unit 22: Single Camera Techniques

 Learners will develop the organisational skills required for the planning and implementation of a single camera drama production. They will identify key production roles and take on one or more of these roles during their own production. Set design, cinematography, lighting, use of sound and editing techniques will all be part of the skills learners develop through following this unit.

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