Years 9, 10 & 11

BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture QCF

This is a vocational course, which can be an important step towards entry to agricultural college or getting a job in a related industry. The course also provides students with practical work experience and an insight into how a horticultural business is run.

Students study 4 units covering: • Plant science • Soil science • Establishing and maintaining crops outdoors • Producing and harvesting crops outdoors The course comprises of written assignments, presentations and practical outdoor work, particularly in the spring and summer. There is no exam in this subject.

Our students develop important skills such as problem solving, communication and teamwork giving them a firm base to build on. The Diploma also covers work related skills such as use of machinery, knowledge of soil types, planting, maintenance and harvesting and business skills such as selling and marketing.

The Academy provides tools and safety equipment, although students will need to buy their own overalls from the school and provide their own boots. If students approach this course with a genuine interest in the subject and a determination to work to the best of their ability they will enjoy the work and achieve a qualification that they can be proud of.

Further information about this course is available at www.edexcel.org.uk