Welcome to Jupiter

I am incredibly privileged to be leading the Jupiter College and have a vision that sees our developing community grow strong, providing an outstanding environment in which our students thrive.  An environment that seeks to challenge and enrich our young people, in which they can become resourceful and resilient, one in which they can truly relish every opportunity and become the very best they can be. Jupiter – King of the Roman Gods Jupiter was the King of Roman Gods and ruled over laws and social order.  Romans believed he controlled the skies and his symbols include the eagle, a lightning bolt and oak tree.  Our logo represents the eagle and the thunderbolt.  The main school logo incorporates the acorns from the oak tree, which encapsulates the strength and aspirations we have at Wilmington for every student.  Jupiter is the newest college to be created here at Wilmington and our college colour is red.  Students have red ties (for boys) and a red flash stripe (for girls).

Mrs S Goodall
Head of College – Jupiter

Jupiter Motto

“Don’t just fly – Soar” We expect all of our Jupiter students to excel themselves both academically and personally. Our vision is a college that enables all of our students to aim high and become well educated, internationally-minded, lifelong learners.

Jupiter College logo

Leadership Structure

  • Mrs S Goodall – Head of College
  • Mr A Farr – Assistant Principal
  • Mr L Barker – Assistant Principal
  • Mr S Staunton – Head of Year 8
  • Mr M Hellyer – Head of Year 9
  • Ms M McLean and Mrs D Peeling – Student Service Managers
  • Mrs K Heardman – Jupiter Admin
  • Mr S West & Ms A Barnes – Wellbeing Support
  • Mr P Devlin – Designated Safeguarding Lead