Welcome to Minerva

Our college is named after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and sponsor of arts and strategy. Minerva was always depicted with the ‘owl of Minerva’, which was her source of knowledge.

Minerva is an extremely successful college and our results are a source of enormous pride.  Minerva is the “blue” college. Students have blue ties (for boys) and a blue stripe (for girls). Our college motto is ‘Believe in yourself’ and we encourage our students to be aspirational and achieve the very highest standards in all aspects of their academy life.  In Minerva, we believe that to be successful, students must be hardworking, polite, creative, be considerate of each other and have a sense of fun.  We accept only the highest standards and believe that being in Minerva is a key part of the journey to independence and success in adult life.  Most of all, we encourage our students to be resilient and continually strive for excellence, to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.  Minerva is a community where all students feel safe, supported and able to achieve.

The aim of our highly skilled and dedicated team is to develop successful students who demonstrate courage, behave with integrity and live happy lives.

Patrick Lonergan – Head of College – Minerva


Our core purpose is to ensure our students succeed in learning and succeed in life. Three themes that define us are:

  1. Ethos: Respect and Honesty
  2. High Standards: Principles and Values
  3. Achievement: Attainment and Progress

Our team consist of highly skilled and talented individuals who are very committed to providing the very best for our students.



Mr P Lonergan – Head of College
Miss T Salih/Carmen Quan – Assistant Principals

Miss L Collinson – Head of Year 10

Student Service Managers (SSM):  Mrs S Duff and Mrs T Penkert

Admin Office:   Mrs N King

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr P Devlin

Wellbeing Manager: Mr N Crocker

Tutor Group Tutor Co-Tutor Tutor Room Number
M1 Kevin Power


M2 Marta Golemi Charlotte Withell


M3 Cara O’Donnell


M4 Joel Newsum


M5 Lucia Fernandez-Secades


M6 James Marriott


M7 Loky Yan Lee


M8 Alice Walker Patricia Bravo


M9 Nadia Brice


M10 Stuart Blackmore


M11 Janette Cooper


M12 Marija Diallo


M13 Tom Cooper Kirsty Larner


M14 Ryan Willington