The Iris Centre

The Iris Centre is a specialist provision in a mainstream setting for a maximum of 20 students on the Autistic Spectrum. Within this provision each student has an Educational Health Care Plan with the primary need identified as ASD.

The aim is to enable students to access a mainstream secondary curriculum, integrate into lessons full-time and to study the full range of KS3 and KS4 examination courses and enrichment activities. Students can be based within the provision for tutor activities and social times but all access the academy for most lessons.

Students are offered support whilst in the Iris Centre by specialist staff in a calm environment. They have their own personal space, separate from the main academy social spaces. Every student has a personalised timetable which takes account of their individual needs but has a significant level of challenge built within it. Students will be encouraged to join their peers in their college and academy activities. The new facilities have been carefully designed for students with ASD to enhance their learning experience.

We work closely with Milestone and Longfield Academies to ensure high quality provision for students and share expertise within the Leigh Academies Trust and beyond.

Admissions criteria for the Iris Centre include:

  • Statement/EHCP where primary need is identified as ASD.
  • Our provision is for age appropriate learning and is not suitable for students with challenging behaviour or significant development delay.
  • Student can demonstrate he/she is able to access mainstream secondary curriculum with support.
  • Be within the learning range of average ability.
  • Expert advice from SENCO / support staff/outreach support regarding the appropriateness of the centre for individual student needs.

Admission will not be agreed if:

  • Home/parents are not in agreement with the strategies used at the academy, and are not willing to support these by following them at home.
  • There is evidence of severe or complex learning difficulties in addition to Autism.
  • The admission of a student would compromise the health and safety of other students and/or staff within the academy or would compromise or disrupt the education of students already in attendance.

To view the catalogue of books that are available from The Helen Allison Community Library, please click on the image below.

Calm and purposeful academy environment enhances students’ wellbeing, and opportunities are made available for students to experience all aspects of academy life.

Iris Centre outside space
Seating area Iris Centre
Classroom Iris Center
Student Timetable Iris Center