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Extra-curricular Provision

Extra-curricular Provision


PE Club Timetable 2019/2020 Module 4
Starting Monday 2nd March 2020

For all after school clubs you must wear Full PE Kit and inform your parents of when
to collect you. You will need to change into your PE kit in the changing room in the
PE block.
Please check for cancellations, and make your parent/carer aware of these so they
can make arrangements to collect you at 3pm should any clubs not be running.

For all after school clubs you must wear PE Kit and inform your parents of when to collect you.

If you wish to attend trampolining, you must sign up on the sign up sheet outside the PE office.

Please check for cancellations to make sure you can get home.


Module 3

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Fitness 3-4pm LCO TCO LTU- Gym History Society (7-10) 3-4pm NBE/LYO/PMO J11 Year 11 BTec intervention 7A LCO, DST Basketball year 7-9. From 3pm-4pm. Sports Hall CCA
Trampolining/ Girls club (alternate weeks) 3-4pm DST LPE – Sports hall/ field Dance (all years) 3-4pm. DST – Lecture theatre
SEN Homework Club 3-4pm SEN Room SEN Homework Club 3-4pm SEN Room Korean Club 3pm-4pm LYL Room M12
Art Club 3-4pm J5 JFR KS3 Music Club J9 SBL 3-3:45 STEM Club 15h-16h
IIR(ASC) in A04, two of every three Fridays. Students have the calendar.
Year 11 H&SC intervention

3-4:30pm J2 with AVA

Y11 maths intervention – 3-4pm M13, M09, M15 with MGL, RMO and SHA respectively.

Art Club is back on Monday! 3-4pm in J5 with Mrs Fricker. Students will be looking at colour and painting.