Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader at Wilmington Academy

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”― Mark Twain

The Accelerated Reader Programme is a staple in improving literacy here at the academy. Accelerated Reader is an effective program because it is designed to meet the reading needs of every individual student. Out of the 10,000 books in our library, books are chosen to meet individual levels and through the programme, we monitor student progress across the academic year. Each year we see enormous gains in the reading ages of our students, having a positive impact on learning across all subjects in the academy:

All Year 7 and 8 students take part in the programme. Students are assessed at the beginning of the year to determine their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development), which is their personalised reading range. Students usually start at the lower level and work their way up to the higher level.  Every student will be reading a book of their choice at the correct level for their ability.

Every book in the library that is in the scheme has been labelled with a book level and colour coded to assist students in their choice.

Once students have chosen a book at their level they read it and when they have finished their book they take a short quiz.  Passing the quiz is an indication that they have understood what they have read and their results will determine whether they can move up in their reading level. Each student has a minimum modular target to achieve ensuring regular engagement with reading. This is based on their English set:

Set 1- 15 points

Set 2- 10 points

Set 3- 5 points

Regularly throughout the year we test students through something called the STAR test (Standardized Testing And Reading). This tests the chronological reading age of each student when they begin the year, during the school year and at the end of the school year so we can closely monitor changes to their reading ability.

Year 7 and 8 Parents – Are you confused about the reading books your children are bringing home to read for Accelerated Reader?  Please click on the picture below which helps explain the STAR tests and Accelerated Reader Programme.

Student opinions

“You feel better when you read a book and go up a level as you know you are improving. There is also a wide variety of books in our amazing library.” Maria, Year 8

“I think Accelerated Reader is great because it doesn’t just improve your reading, it also helps your English skills and it gives you a large range of books to read from in lots of genres.” Charlie, Year 8

“The non-fiction section has got practically every subject so it is very helpful for learning areas other than just English.” Toby, Year 8