Advice for Parents


One of the greatest factors that will make a difference in helping your child be successful with improving their literacy during their time at secondary is the support of parents and carers. We know this, so in this section you will find helpful information and resources to ensure that every student has the ability to become successful in reading, writing, spelling, and speaking and listening.

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RM Books E-Library at Wilmington Academy

What is RM Books?

RM Books is the first e-book solution designed specifically for schools.

Books can be rented for flexible time periods providing a unique, cost-efficient approach and can be read offline on iOS or Android phones and tablets.

The many benefits of ebooks include:

  • A fresh, ‘off the shelf’ experience every time
  • Anywhere, anytime access enabling students to read content from home and in school.

How Does it Work?

Books are available for short term rental periods at a fraction of the retail price. Books can be rented for individuals or groups of students for a week, month, term, or year.

Through the online server, RM Books can be used on any device with an internet connection and web browser, including devices already in school such as a laptop or PC through to a tablet or smartphone. Offline apps are also available for iOS and Android devices.

We currently have a selection of titles in our online library, but to borrow books not in the library you will need to add credit to your account through the secure online server.

Students can log in with their school email address and the password “read”. This can then be changed once they have logged in for the first time. They should email Miss Marken ( or Ms Kennedy ( if they are having trouble logging in.

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