The Learning Resource Centre is a buzzing, vibrant and exciting space.  Day after day it is packed with students busily working away on the computers, quizzing on their Accelerated Reader books, doing their homework/coursework or reading for pleasure.

There are plenty of cosy spots with comfortable seating and bean bags where students can relax and unwind.  We have a very strong reading culture with a big emphasis on reading for pleasure and each day students, including BOYS, can be found engrossed in their books.

With over 10,000 books (both fiction and non-fiction) catering for all tastes and abilities and a good selection of general interest magazines, we have created an Academy of readers.  Technology is not forgotten either with computers and iPads so students can do research, work on homework/coursework or complete their Accelerated Reader quizzes.

The LRC is the centre of major literacy and cultural events across the Academy.  In the past we have held a Readathon, Create-a-thon, Christmas Markets, played host to Chinese New Year Festivals, celebrated Diwali the Festival of Light, held numerous award winning World Book Week festivals, organised a “Murder by the book” event and participated in the CILIP Carnegie Children’s Book Award.

The LRC has always been the focal point for the annual BIG event in the Academy calendar – our award winning World Book Day Festivals.  A Tolkien Festival, Comic Con, our very own Hunger Games, a Tri-Wizard Tournament, a Sci-Fi Convention and Spy Games have all been hosted by the LRC.  These reading festivals have had a huge impact on strengthening the reading culture within the Academy and together with the Accelerated Reader programme; both book loan statistics and reading ages have recorded their highest increase ever from 1108 loans in 2007 to more than 12000 loans last academic year, showing the impact the library has on raising attainment and that access to a wide range of resources really does make a difference. Every year our academy has seen an increase of 8-12 months gained by Year 7 and 8 on the Accelerated Reader programme, and for the first year ever over 70% of our Year 8-11 cohorts are at their chronological reading age or higher.

Our students love being in the library.  They have a say in the books they want to see on the shelves, which magazines they want to read and this means that they all feel they have a place they can truly call their own.