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Reading Festivals

Reading Festivals



This year’s World Book Week festival has been chosen to not only celebrate World Book Day but also to support the International Baccalaureate Programmes.

The festival will be held throughout the week beginning Monday 4th March 2019, ending on Friday 8th March 2019.  

 We will also have artefacts and displays on loan to us from the Japanese Embassy,  a visit from Chris Bradford (author of Young Samurai book series) as our special Guest with his Samurai Warrior show PLUS this year’s prize involves a Japanese Taiko Drums workshop for the winning tutor group and winners of the individual competitions.

The restaurant will also be cooking a Japanese themed menu on World Book Day (Thursday 7th March) AND we will be holding our annual book character “Dress Up Day”.



Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to enrol your tutees in ‘Spy Games’ to discover whether you have a tutor group of Secret Agents and Spies.

Good spies are active listeners, keen observers and they have a sharp memory…

This year’s World Book Day Festival ‘SPY GAMES’ will run from Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March 2018.

Tutor groups will participate in a week long series of challenges and go head to head to discover who has what it takes to become the ultimate Spies.

Resource packs are in the process of being prepared and will be with you very soon.

This message will self-destruct after you realise what a great week this will be!!!


Sci-Fi Convention 2017

For World Book Day 2017, Wilmington Academy will be hosting a two week long Sci-Fi Convention from Monday 20th February to Friday 3rd March. The convention will also include an Inter-Galactic Congress where all tutor groups will become their own planets and take part in 22 competitions to become Champions of the Galaxy.
Information on each of the challenges is available in the Tutor Pack, and a planning booklet for students to print and use if they wish is also available. A timetable for the fortnight of submission dates for the challenges is also available.

To view the planning booklet please click here

To view the Sci-Fi Convention Timetable please click here

To view the Sci-Fi Convention Tutor Pack please click here


Tri-Wizard Tournament 2016

For World Book Day 2016, Wilmington Academy will host a Tri-Wizard Tournament, with tutor groups competing as wizarding schools from across the globe to win glory and exciting prizes.

The Tournament will run from Monday 22nd February to Friday 4th March. Resources for the Tournament can be found by clicking the picture below.


For a timetable of the Tri-Wizard Tournament please click here.

Hunger Games Festival 2015

The Hunger Games Festival is now in full swing. The two week long festival will give students the chance to show their creativity and problem solving skills in competitions such as cooking, obstacle courses, chess, fashion, and geo-caching, as well as the coveted Principal’s and Headteacher’s challenges. All students should have been nominated for their challenge and can begin preparing their entry, as judging begins on Monday 23rd February.

Resources are available to look at in the Literacy section of our website. We wish all our tributes the best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!