Wellbeing Service

nigel crocker
wellbeing manager

My name is Nigel Crocker and I am the Wellbeing Manager at Wilmington Academy.  The Wellbeing Manager role is part of the holistic approach to learning for students at Wilmington Academy.   We recognise that young people in secondary education strive to do well, but sometimes the pressure of both school and their personal lives and can lead to them to suffer emotionally which may affect their learning and attendance in school.

The Wellbeing Manager role is to help provide support to those students who are struggling for whatever reason. Through weekly non-judgemental one to one meetings using active listening and counselling skills to help students to unpack their worries and concerns, and then look at creating positive strategies which will help them through their current issues.

Student can access to Wellbeing Manager through their college Student Support Teams or by a walking service held every lunchtime. Plus parents may contact the Wellbeing manager via the school’s main contact number.

Open Door Walk In Session – 1:30pm – 2pm daily
Location: Office opposite Library by Apollo main entrance