Attendance and Punctuality

Dear Parents/Carers,

Given the disruption that COVID-19 has had on face to face learning over the last 12 months, it is incredibly important that your child is in school and on time. There is a direct link between excellent attendance and students development; both academically and socially. 

Whilst our overall attendance has been excellent since our return in Module 4 there are a number of students whose attendance is falling below our expectations. Our attendance leads and Attendance Welfare Officer will be making contact with families of these students.

In the event your child has been directed to self isolate or does test positive for COVID-19 this does not have a negative impact on their attendance as they are coded appropriately following guidance from the DfE. If the academy has not directed your child to self isolate they must be in school. We follow the advice from Public Health England in the event there is a confirmed case and therefore will only direct students to self isolate if required. 

Mr Devlin wrote to parents/carers earlier last week to inform them that we have re-introduced the wearing of face masks for students and staff when inside the academy buildings. This, alongside our other measures will support us in keeping staff and students safe. 

The Local Authority and our Governors have made it clear they will support the school in promoting high levels of attendance for every child and take necessary action where attendance falls below our expectations. 

Punctuality is an important expectation in preparing students for the world of work or further study and I am pleased to report that students’ punctuality to school has significantly improved. Thank you to all parents/carers for your support with this. If a student is late to school without a valid reason they will automatically lose their social time on that day.  Furthermore, if a student accumulates more than 20 minutes late in a week they will be issued a 1 hour Catch Up Club detention on a Thursday. The site opens from 8.15am for students. Students should arrive by 8.30am each day to allow plenty of time for them to get to their first lesson which starts at 8.40am.   

In the event your child is struggling we have a range of support and interventions that can be put in place through the pastoral teams, including our Wellbeing service. We will do everything possible to support both yourselves and your child. 

Please be reminded, in the event your child is too unwell to attend please contact the school on 01322 272111  and press the option for your child’s college, or email and include your child’s full name, year group and college with a brief description of the reason for absence.  This procedure should be followed every morning if your child is too unwell to attend.

As I stated at the start of the letter the majority of students have excellent attendance and we are working on a ‘Wellbeing Fun Day’ and a variety of rewards at the end of this module for students who have excellent attendance and for those who have improved this module.   

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or the relevant college if you have any questions or require additional support for your child. 

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Farr

Assistant Principal

Lead for Behaviour, Attendance and Wellbeing