Careers Focus on Digital Marketing at Wilmington Academy

Sincere thanks to Charlie May, former student at The Leigh UTC for presenting at a drop down careers assembly for post 16 students at Wilmington Academy.

Charlie ably charted his journey from leaving The Leigh UTC intending to begin a career in accountancy and how his first career aspiration was not where he ended up.

Charlie, who now works in digital marketing as a Social Media Manager having completed an apprenticeship with his employer Bee Digital Limited explained to students what marketing is. He described “pain points” in business and how marketing allows a business to relate how a problem can be resolved.

Emphasising subjects that students are currently studying he described the many skills required in marketing such as statistics, psychology, art, English and science. He elaborated that within his working team, different team members have different strengths and carry out different tasks towards the same aim. He stressed the importance of critical thinking in his field.

Technology is an important element of his working life which he illustrated by showing students a heatmap of website views.

Charlie’s key point to students was that he had taken a chance in his choice of career and it had been well worth it. His advice was to take opportunities as they arise.

Sincere thanks to Charlie for his valuable time.

“Charlie provided an excellent insight into the various careers and qualifications represented in Digital Marketing.  It was a great opportunity for students to appreciate that their own qualifications could take them into a multitude of different career pathways.” – L Evans, Director of Learning, Post 16

Charlie’s blog on his visit to Wilmington Academy can be read here