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Dear Parents/Carers,


We are writing to inform you that there have been two further confirmed cases of chickenpox, one in Year 7 and one in Year 9.

Chickenpox is most common in children under the age of 10 and is contagious. The incubation period is approximately 21 days and the person is contagious from 1 to 2 days before the spots appear.

Groups of people that are most at risk if they catch chickenpox are newborn babies, pregnant women and those with a weakened immune system.

If your child is suspected of having chickenpox, parents will be contacted immediately and asked to collect their child from the academy.

Should your child develop the symptoms of chickenpox, please notify the academy immediately and refer to the NHS guidance at:

We appreciate your understanding on this and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the relevant college team.


Yours faithfully,


Pete Devlin

Head of College