Cultural Awareness

What is the purpose? 

  • Cultural awareness sessions will be a regular weekly occurrence.
  • The topic is an important part of IB philosophy, to be true Global Citizens, our students need to be aware of the different cultures that make up our world.
  • Being culturally aware from a young age will build acceptance of others, instill anti-racist attitudes as well as being useful throughout their lives, whether when going on holiday or later on encouraging them to look for work anywhere in the world. 
  • The sessions will help students achieve many of the IB attributes such as being open-minded, caring, reflective, better communicators….
  • Each module will focus on one culture and have sessions looking at different aspects of the culture as well as what shaped it, such as History or Geography of a country.
  • If any member of staff has a particular connection to any of the cultures set out or one you would love to share, please get in touch with NBE if you would like to offer some very welcome input/advice. 

Key notices 

  • Each form needs to have a Google Classroom and each student needs to be assigned the electronic workbook for each module. Paper copies will be arranged for students who do not have access to devices. But please encourage students to use electronic copies where possible.
  • NBE needs to be added to each form group’s GC to enable her to see the students work for showcasing, as well as progress for the whole programme.
  • When possible NBE will do drop in sessions to check on students working on paper, to see the reception of the sessions and encourage engagement.
  • Each session has a slide/page assigned. During the session students need to make notes, add pictures, create mind-maps and plan for the project they need to hand in at the end of the module. In the last session of each module they hand in the workbook and best examples are chosen to be shared on our website/social media/school representation.
  • Tutors need to encourage the projects. I also need tutors to check on these periodically and recommend the particularly successful ones for rewards. 

Cultural Awareness Year 7-9 Curriculum Plan

Module 1

Somalian Culture

  • Where is Somalia?
  • Somalia’s history/geography
  • Somalian art
  • Somalian poetry
  • Cultural clothes


  • Somali inspired poems
  • Art project
  • Somali history project
Module 2

Indigenous Culture of Canada

  • Who are the First Nations of Canada?
  • Who are the Inuit?
  • Indigenous art


  • Indigenous dwellings
  • Project on one First Nation of choice
  • Importance of water
Module 3


  • Afghan history
  • Peoples of Afghanistan
  • Textiles
  • Geography and History


  • Design an Afghan rug
  • Malala 
  • Afghan’s Ancient History project
Module 4

Maori culture

  • Who are the Maori?
  • Body art
  • Music
  • Haka dance
  • Religion
  • Sport


  • History of the Maori
  • Create a Kirituhi
Module 5

Chinese Cultures

  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • Alphabet
  • Chinese religions
  • Chinese art
  • Chinese music


  • Art project inspired by Chinese art
  • Project on Chinese religion
Module 6


  • Machu Pichu 
  • Amazon river
  • Geography
  • Music and Art
  • History and indigenous people


  • Incas and Machu Pichu
  • Amazon river
  • Animals of Peru