Cultural Awareness

What is the purpose? 

  • Weekly sessions to dive deep into a specific culture – four cultures covered over the year. 
  • The topic is an important part of IB philosophy – in order  to be true Global Citizens, our students need to be aware of the different cultures that make up our world.
  • Being culturally aware from a young age will build acceptance of others, instill anti-racist attitudes as well as being useful throughout their lives, whether when going on holiday or later on encouraging them to look for work anywhere in the world. 
  • The sessions will help students achieve many of the IB attributes such as being open-minded, caring, reflective, better communicators…

Cultural Awareness Year 7-9 Curriculum Plan

Cultures to be explored this year are:

  • Spanish Culture
  • Egyptian Culture                                                                                        
  • Indian Culture
  • Peruvian Culture

Students will explore various aspects of each culture with focus on things such as Art, History, Sport, Music, Geography, Language etc. They will have several form time sessions to enable them to create meaningful projects that show what they have learned about each culture and the impact it has had. 

Links to general articles about Cultural Awareness, why it is important in schools and workplace: