Film Studies


Director of Learning – Mrs S Goodall

Year 12: WJEC Film Studies AS

The aims of AS are:

  • To develop your interest, appreciation, and knowledge of film
  • To show how film constructs meaning, provokes response, and raises issues of social, cultural, political, and ethical significance
  • To show the relationship between a film’s producers and its audiences, with particular reference to Hollywood and British film
  • To provide you with a foundation in the analysis of film, together with subject specialist language
  • To introduce you to creative and production skills.

Students are assessed on a combination of coursework and an exam.

 Exam: (60% of AS, 30% of A-Level)

Section A: Producers and Audiences (40 marks)

Section B: British Film Topics (40 marks) – Horror Genre

Section C: US Cinema Comparative Study (40 marks)

Coursework: (40% of AS, 20% of A-Level)

(a)        An analysis of a film extract: 500 words (30 marks)

(b)        Creative Project: aims & context, film sequence or short film and reflective analysis (50 marks)

 The aims of A Level are to take forward the approaches introduced at AS level, specifically through providing students with more sophisticated analytical and critical approaches for understanding how films construct meaning and provoke diverse responses; and through enabling students to study a wider range of films, thereby developing an appreciation of aspects of the history of film and its cultural diversity. We also aim to develop students’ research skills as well as their creative and production skills through more advanced film projects and allow them to synthesise learning gained throughout the course.

Year 13: WJEC Film Studies A-Level

Students are assessed on a combination of coursework and exam, building on their grades from AS.

 Exam: 30% of total A-Level

Section A: World Cinema- Special Study on Empowering Women (35 marks)

Section B: Popular Film and the Emotional Response (35 marks)

Section C: Fight Club (30 marks)

Coursework: 20% of total A-Level

  1. a) A small-scale research project, consisting of annotated bibliography and a presentation script (40 marks)
  2. b) A creative project, consisting of a screenplay and a reflective piece (60 marks)