GEOGRAPHY – Co-ordinator of Learning Ms L Hawkins

KS3 Curriculum

What does it involve at Key Stage Three?

Geography at Key Stage Three, focuses on developing students’ knowledge of the world in which they live. A key focus is developing knowledge on map skills and where places are, as well as exploring some of the more topical issues that the world is facing. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking as well as problem solving.

Year 7

Middle Years  Program:

Students study the following topics, under the MYP. Students study very similar topics to students in GCSE, so that they have a good basic understanding, so that if they pick Geography at GCSE, they can use this knowledge.

Module 1 and 2:

Where in the world? Students develop knowledge on locations around the world, basic map reading skills and exploring how we can use maps to indicate geographical processes.

Module 3:

Population: Students explore how the world’s population is changing, what is being done to manage populations and the positives and negatives of this. Students are encouraged to think critically about these management techniques.

Module 4 and 5:

Changing Environments: Students spend two modules exploring both an urban environment and a rainforest. Students explore how both environments are changing, and what the impacts are of these changes. Students are encouraged to think critically about these, and how these changes can be managed.

Module 6:

Coastal Landscapes: Students develop an awareness of key processes that occur at the coast, and these processes can be managed. Students explore the effects of these processes and management systems on people and the environment.