Year 8

Middle Year Program:

Module 1 and 2:

Hazards: In the first module, students develop knowledge on processes that cause tectonic hazards. In the second module, students focus on the impacts of tectonic hazards and how they can be managed. Students are given the opportunity to consider how buildings should be designed to withstand these hazards.

Module 3:

Development and tourism: Students focus on why some locations in the world appear to be highly developed, where some locations in the world are not. Students explore ways of ensuring all countries are equally as developed,  with tourism being a means for reducing the development gap.

Module 4 and 5

The world of water: Students develop an awareness of key processes that occur along rivers and how these processes can be managed. Students explore the effects of these processes and management systems on people and the environment.

Module 6:

Globalisation: Students explore the theory of a shrinking world. Students focus on what globalisation is and how it affects populations and different locations around the world.