Government & Politics

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Years 12 and 13

AS Level Government and Politics

There are two units that students cover in Year 12. These are both mandatory units that students will need to complete to show fully rounded knowledge and understanding of the subject. These units are:

Unit 1: People and Politics – This unit introduces you to the key channels of communication between government and the people. It enables you to evaluate the adequacy of existing arrangements for ensuring representative democracy and participation.

Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign – This unit allows you to understand the major governmental processes within the UK. It encourages you to develop a critical understanding of the role and effectiveness of key institutions, and of the relationship amongst them in the context of multi-level governance.

Assessment: Two written examination, 1 hour 20 minutes in length. You will be required to answer one stimulus-based question from a choice of two. These questions will be structured with a mark tariff of 5, 10 and 25 marks. You will then be required to answer one extended question from a choice of two (40 marks).

There is an option to take this course on into Year 13 and study for the A Level Government and Politics.

A Level Government and Politics

Students wishing to continue on from the AS qualification into year 13 have two further units to study. These units are each divided into four sub-topics which allows you to study two of eight areas of government and politics. The optional topics currently being studied are:

Unit 3B: Introducing Political Ideologies – Here you will look at the subject of political ideology and examine in depth the major ideas of liberalism, conservatism, socialism and anarchism. You will compare the ideologies and their values including their relevance in modern day politics.

Unit 4C: Governing the USA – This topic examines the institutional framework of US government and considers the interrelationships between its legislative, executive and judicial processes and the health of US federalism. The US system is in contrast to the UK political system in unit 2 and drawing comparisons will be inevitable.

Assessment: Two written examinations, 1 hour 30 minutes in length For each unit, you are required to answer three short answer questions from a choice of five (15 marks each). In addition you are then required to answer one essay question from a choice of three (45 marks).

This course finishes at the end of the 2017-18 academic year.

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