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At Wilmington Academy, this subject is taught using the Edexcel exam board. The course consists of 4 units of work over the two year period. It is made up of written exams and practical experiments. At AS level there are two units of study, with two exams worth 50% of the overall grade. There are a further two units at A2 level, which includes detailed analysis of clinical psychology.

Grade Requirements

The minimum entry requirement for students wishing to study this course is 5+ A*-C Grades at GSCE, including Maths. You should have a grade B in science (excluding coursework), a grade B is also required in GCSE English and Maths.

The course is divided into four units:

  • Unit 1: Social and Cognitive Psychology
  • Understanding the Individual
  • Applications of Psychology
  • How Psychology Works

Unit 1: This explains how our behaviour is determined.  Why do we act the way we do? Approaches include: Social and Cognitive.

Unit 2: Provides an explanation as to why individuals are different, and how this comes about. Approaches include: Psychodynamic, Biological and Learning.

Unit 3: This is a study of two applications. At Wilmington Academy we focus on the criminological and child applications. Other options are health and sport psychology.

Unit 4: An introduction to clinical psychology, and issues and debates across the whole course. This section is cumulative, and requires knowledge from the previous three units.

Recommended texts

The link above has a complete list of past exam papers, mark schemes and exemplar answers.

Edexcel A2 Psychology Textbook by Christine Brain.

Edexcel AS Psychology Textbook by Christine Brain