Year 9 CiDA

Designing a Website for a Client

Speak to a member of staff and offer your services. Explain that you aim to create a website that they can actually use in their lessons.

Ask your client for a DESIGN BRIEF. This is their ideas about the website:

  • Purpose – what is the site for
  • Audience – who is it for
  • Navigation – how will users move around
  • Content – what do they want in it – includes how many pages
  • Style – what will it look like

Deadline – by Christmas

It is very important that you are crystal clear about what your client is looking for. Ask lots of questions e.g. size, do they want the pages to open up in a new tab, colour scheme, scrolling or fit to one page etc

Go and create your rough plans either on paper or on-screen. Include navigation plan.

Ask for feedback on your rough ideas. Change them if needed. Even do a second draft.

Tips for designing

  • limit the numbers of colours used – two or three
  • consistent size of banners, buttons and pages
  • images need to respect copyright
  • test everything very carefully – all images must load and all links work

When you are creating the website – keep in touch with your client. Show them how things are progressing. Offer advice and also take on board any changes that they would like to make.

Meet the deadline.