Morals & Ethics



What do you need to be successful in this course?

 Open-minded, balanced, reflective, good listener, internationally-minded, able to work in a team and using your own initiative to help you to become an independent learner.

Year 7

  1. Keeping Safe – For students to understand – Personal Safety, E-Safety, Bullying, Cyber-bullying and safeguarding
  2. British Values – What is British? How socially diverse is Britain? What makes up our Identity
  3. Animal ethics – Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Culling, Farm to Fork
  4. Knowing yourself – Puberty, Hygiene, Relationships, Emotional Intelligence
  5. What is Parliament? Looking at the role of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Monarchy
  6. Human rights and religion – Including the Rights of the Child and Human Rights abuses around the globe

Year 8

  1. Prejudice and Discrimination – Looking at all forms of discriminations and its effects on society
  2. A Matter of Life and Death – Including religious views on matters such as organ donation
  3. Forming Successful Relationships – What makes a healthy, balanced relationship
  4. The Choices we Make – For students to understand the importance of decision making
  5. How are our Morals and Values formed – Understanding the role of parents and religion in developing our world view
  6. Economic Well-being – Learning budgeting and how to manage person finances