KS4 Curriculum Year 10 Music Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Award in Music

Music is a constant in many of our lives and is quite extraordinary in its ability to connect us to each other and to ourselves. It is also extremely enjoyable and a great outlet for expression, creativity and imagination. It also has a variety of other benefits such as

increasing academic achievement, relieving stress and anxiety, teaching discipline and improving motor skills.

The BTEC course is taught in a highly practical way with an emphasis on performance, composition and ensemble work. This allows students to work together to develop as musicians and as collaborative learners. The coursework portion within the units is used to develop reflective practice.

Unit Description Assessment

Unit 1: The Music Industry Looking at how the music industry operates from the many different roles available to the companies and organisations involved in producing the development of musicians. 1hr Exam

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product Creating and producing an album or concert. They will be planned, developed and delivered by students, with a focus on promotion of their final product. Coursework and Observation

Unit 4: Introducing Music Composition Creating four pieces of music based on four different briefs. Two of these are extended, with one of these made into a full, final piece of music. Coursework

Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance Forming bands and ensembles to produce two performances; one song based and one instrumental based. Performance, Coursework and Observation.

Please consider the performance aspect of this course when making a decision. You will be performing several times over the three years and must be committed to this.