Dan Knowlton, Digital Marketer, at Wilmington Academy

Huge thanks to Dan Knowlton of KPS Digital Marketing for coming in to speak with business studies students at Wilmington Academy.

Dan kindly presented to three groups of students; two from year 10 and one from year 12, starting with charting his own career journey.

He explained that he began his business four years ago having been a business studies student himself and having been in the same position that our students are now.

Dan explained what his digital marketing business does and how it helps clients to sell more goods and services. He advised students that when starting a business it is better to look for smaller clients initially.

After leaving school, Dan went onto University at Brighton and gained a degree in marketing before beginning a graduate management scheme with Enterprise Rent a Car. He soon progressed to managing 9 staff running 250 vehicles and working long hours starting at 5.00 in the morning and often not finishing until 9.00 at night.

Ultimately, he decided that this career was not for him and decided to travel, spending some time in Thailand. Upon his return, he took the opportunity to utilise his marketing degree by helping his father, owner of a business consultancy. Dan soon grew his own profile gaining 30,000 followers on Twitter. Dan’s business, KPS Digital Marketing, kpsdigitalmarketing.co.uk, is now growing steadily, has just taken on its first team member and is preparing to move into larger premises.  

Dan asked students to think about what their dream job would be. Within a lively session, he then asked students to think about the three things that they can do now to help make that dream a reality. There were certainly some very interesting and diverse answers!

Dan then went onto comment to students upon possible career choices and starting a business:

  • Not to worry if they don’t yet know what they want to do- there is time to find out
  • Try looking at different options
  • If looking to start a business, do something small in your own free time first
  • When starting a business, set up costs can be high-bear this in mind when making that choice.

When asked if it is stressful being a business owner, Dan’s comment was that if you do what you love, it is not stressful.

Business studies teacher, Mrs Khanom, commented on the usefulness of Dan’s visit and how it will really help with students coursework.

Dan commented:

“As a business, we’re always looking for opportunities to try and give something back and we were delighted to be invited to Wilmington Academy. It was amazing to see how responsive the classes were to the talk and interactive activities within the session. I studied Business at school and found it difficult to imagine how what I was learning could actually be applied in real life. I hope that the classes gained an insight into how they could apply what they were learning into a real-life situation.”

Sincere thanks to Dan for sharing his wisdom.