Digital Engagement Criteria – Letter to Parents/Carers

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Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support with online learning this module. The work that all students are provided with and undertaking is of vital importance to their progress and development. It has been fantastic to see the excellent work that students have produced under the difficult circumstances.

As we come to the end of module 3 we wanted to ensure that you are fully aware of the reporting process.  Since the beginning of module 3 you have been receiving weekly Digital Engagement Scores (DES) for your child via MCAS which has provided you with timely feedback on their engagement. This has been well received by parents and motivational for students.

On Monday 8 February you will receive the weekly engagement score for the week beginning 1st February.

On Wednesday 10 February you will receive a full report summarising your child’s engagement in module 3. This report provides you with how well your son/daughter has engaged with home learning and will give you an average Digital Engagement Score for the last module in each subject. Students have been awarded a Digital Engagement Score (DES) of 1-5 as explained below.

Please be aware that the score received relates to engagement only and is not assessment data.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Priest

Acting Assistant Principal

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Lead


Digital Engagement Criteria

Level 5: High Engagement

The pupil consistently takes part in all aspects of online learning with enthusiasm and is determined to be successful. All activities are completed to a high standard and do not give up when faced with difficult tasks. Deadlines are always met.

Level 4: Strategic Engagement

The pupil is self-motivated, positive and attributes value to the work they are doing. All online learning is completed to a good standard. Deadlines are met.

Level 3: Compliant Engagement

The pupil is willing to expend effort to comply with the tasks set, their engagement does not always support progress and/or the pupil has to be given reminders to complete tasks set. Completion of work is sometimes inconsistent in terms of quality and/or the pupil does not always meet deadlines.

Level 2: Reluctant Engagement

The pupil’s digital engagement does not support progress and/or more than one reminder to complete work is necessary. The pupil has frequently failed to complete Online Learning and rarely meets set deadlines.

Level 1: Disengagement

The pupil is unwilling to engage or has not engaged in digital learning.

A: Absent and W: Work pack – Shows as a blank

These scores don’t show on MCAS but we are aware that the student is either absent or working using paper work packs.