End of Term Arrangements Christmas 2019

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We will be dismissing students at 12:10 pm on the last day of term, Friday 20 December.   If this early finish causes you any difficulties, please contact the relevant College Admin Office asking for your child to remain in the Academy as normal until 2pm and the appropriate supervision will be arranged.  Any child remaining in the Academy should report to the LRC. Unfortunately there can be no special arrangements with the buses, which will arrive at the normal time.  

We will be conducting a non-school uniform day with proceeds donated to a selection of chosen charities. We would ask for a charitable donation of £1 on the day, but we would not wish to exclude anyone from participating for financial reasons.

There will be no lunch service, however students will be able to purchase food during Christmas Brunch should they wish to do so.

  Minerva Jupiter Apollo
Session 1


Assembly Form Time Activity     Form Time Activity
Session 2


9:50 – 10:35

Form Time Activity   

10:35 – 11:00




9:50 – 10:15


10:15 – 11:00

Form Time Activity   

Session 3

11:00 – 12:10

Form Time Activity 11:00 – 11:25



Form Time Activity


May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you, your families and friends a very happy Christmas.  School returns on Monday 6 January 2020 at 8:40am.

Mr M Gore