End of Term Arrangements – Module 5 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please be aware that the end of Module 5 is Friday 28 May. Lunch and Tutor Time will run as normal on this day. All students need to continue to wear full uniform and will be dismissed at the usual time of 3.00pm.  

A polite reminder, parents and carers will need to inform the school of any COVID-19 positive cases where students have developed symptoms within 48 hours of being at school. 

Module 6 Operational Changes

From the start of Module 6, we will be making a few operational changes to the geographical location of year groups on site. This will impact on the entry and exit points for each year group, along with their lesson and break/lunch locations. The table below provides a summary of the changes that will come into effect from the first day of Module 6.

Year GroupEntry PointLesson LocationExit Point
7RestaurantJupiter Top FloorJupiter Side Gate
8Jupiter Side GateJupiter Middle FloorJupiter Side Gate
9Minerva Back DoorMinervaMinerva Back Door
10Main ReceptionApolloMain Reception
11Sports Hall Side GateNeptunePhoenix Gate
Post-16Sports Hall Side GateOlympusPhoenix Gate

Students will be informed of the changes in bespoke year group bubble assemblies from 17 May, however, your support in highlighting the points made in this letter would also be most appreciated.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you, your families and friends a peaceful May Holiday. We look forward to welcoming students back at the start of Module 6 on Monday 7 June. Students should be on site at 8.30am, with lessons starting promptly at 8.40am.

Yours faithfully,


Mr M Gore