Expectations from Mr Gore

As Principal at Wilmington Academy, I would like to welcome students back to Module 6. Students at Wilmington Academy are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct and our expectations have been re-iterated to all students during form time and assembly this week.

We value the partnership we have with parents, it is greatly appreciated that you discuss the following with your child.

 Basic Expectations

  • Arrive to lessons on time
  • Have full equipment: two pens, pencil, ruler, reading book and calculator everyday
  • Behaviour at social times needs to be calm: no play fighting, water fights etc
  • Listen to and follow staff instructions without argument (including Cover Supervisors, Mid-Day Supervisors, Restaurant and Office Staff)
  • Be polite to peers and staff at all times


  • Food to be eaten in the allocated areas only
  • All rubbish to go into the bins provided
  • Ensure areas are left clean and tidy

Damage to Property

  • Any damage to academy buildings or property will result in a serious sanction
  • Graffiti in the academy shows a lack of respect for the environment and is not tolerated

Uniform/Equipment Expectations

  • Blazers are to be worn whilst moving around the academy (except during times of hot weather where students need to carry blazers around but do not have to wear them)
  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times
  • No make-up, fake tan, nail varnish or jewellery should be worn
  • Mobile phones should be switched off once students are in the building and not used until students have left the building
  • Banned/dangerous/illegal items should not be brought into the academy

Most students’ uniform is exemplary.  In regard to footwear, we would like to reiterate that appropriate footwear is as follows:

Boys: Plain flat shoes – BLACK only. No shoe may be above the ankle bone. No Converse or VAN footwear. Trainers are NOT allowed except for PE

Girls: Plain flat shoes – BLACK only. Maximum height = 3cm (1inch)

No shoe may be above the ankle bone. Trainers are NOT allowed except for PE

If a student is unable to comply with this, they will lose their social time and be required to be with a staff member in their college during break and lunch. If your son/daughter has a medical reason as to why they cannot wear the appropriate footwear, this needs to be verified in writing by a medical professional. Final decisions rest with the academy.

Lesson Expectations

  • Once a student is in lesson, they need to stay there except if:
  • The student has a Toilet Pass
  • The student uses a Time Out Pass
  • A student has been exited from a lesson
  • A student has an SEN Exit Pass
  • Students must bring their own water bottle with them to school. These should be filled up before school,  Break Time and at Lunch Time – not during lesson time.

Thank you once again for your support.

Michael Gore