Face Coverings

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will be aware, the Prime Minister announced yesterday in a briefing that the government is advising that all students and staff in secondary schools return to wearing face coverings in communal areas. This academic year we have had limited cases and we have had no cause to utilise compulsory face coverings to this point. To support the new announcement, the following procedures will be put in place from tomorrow (Tuesday 30 November). Students will have the following information shared with them today via their Tutor Groups, so that they are fully aware of the precautionary measures from tomorrow:

  • Students will need to bring in their own mask. The academy has limited supplies and therefore your support to provide your child with a mask is greatly appreciated.
  • ‘Mask Zone’ posters will be displayed in communal areas where masks must be worn, for example the plazas and corridors
  • There is no requirement for students to wear masks in outside areas or lessons
  • From tomorrow, the restaurant and mezzanine will be for eating only unless it is wet break/lunch. Please ensure during the winter period that students bring a coat with them
  • There will be no large gathering events for the rest of the module
  • Parental meetings will need to be held remotely to reduce the number of visitors on the academy site
  • Students should continue to wear face masks on public transport
  • All external events, such as the Christmas Showcase will be postponed and rescheduled in the Spring
  • The Post-16 Study Room will have a maximum occupancy displayed
  • Windows will be left open in classrooms
  • Hand gel must be used on the way into lessons
  • The mock exams will continue in the sports hall – students must use hand gel on the way into their exams and the seating plan adhered to.
  • Absence Procedure: Students need to provide evidence of a positive Lateral Flow test/PCR test to ensure attendance is coded appropriately.
  • Please ensure that students are using an LFD twice per week.

Your help with the above precautionary measures would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Gore