Guardian Summaries – Google Classroom

I am writing to inform you about the provision of guardian emails on Google Classroom. Google Classroom is the online learning platform that we have been using to set assignments as well as share class notes with students during the closure. In the recent parents’ survey and in the emails some of you have sent to the distance learning team, some of you indicated that you would like more information about the work that your son/daughter is completing. 

Guardian summaries are a feature that sends you either a daily or weekly email with the activity that has happened across all your child’s classes for that period, as well as any work that is due to be submitted soon. You are able to choose how often you want to receive the emails, and can remove yourself from the emails at any time. More information can be found in this document from Google: 

We would like to set up this access as a way of increasing communication going forward. We have added a consent feature via the My Child at School website where you can give us permission to add your email (as listed on bromcom) to Google Classroom for you to start receiving these. 

To Give consent: Log into My Child at School (, click on “Parental Consent” from the bottom menu on the left hand side. Once there you can select the button to give consent and then click “Save” at the top of the page. 

Check your email: To check the email we have on file for you, please click on your name at the top of the screen, then click on “Contact Details”. 

We will open this consent from 4 April to 24 April and will begin adding the emails to Google Classroom once we have received your consent: please note that this process may take some time to complete. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me on: if you have any questions or concerns. Please click on the link for more information.

Guardian Summaries