Home Learning Update – Statement from Mr Gore, Principal

Wilmington Academy has issued a statement regarding Home Learning, Parental Support as well as more information about other areas.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the many positive comments relating to the provision of Wilmington Academy’s remote learning platform. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, nationally educational establishments are adapting to a new dependence on home learning, which is likely to remain for the foreseeable future. As you are aware, Wilmington Academy has seized this challenge from the offset by creating a bespoke website hosting content and resources where Google Classrooms for all subjects are available. The feedback received from the recent parent questionnaire contained plenty of positives, but as with any survey, we have also taken on board your feedback in order to improve. Please find actions that clearly set out developments going forwards:

Distance Learning Website


From Monday 11 May, the website will have a ‘new look’. This is to make the website more accessible and easier to use. Each year group will be separated and highlighted in a different colour. As a result, if you have a child in year 7, simply click on ‘7’ to access the Google Classroom codes.

Parental Support

Subject Staff Email Contact: Within the website, there will be a ‘contact us’ section, where parents will be able to have a direct email address to the subject leader or coordinator.

‘How to’ online videos: We understand that some students and parents are finding it difficult to connect to the Google Classroom and submit work. We have created visual guides to support you with this.

FAQ’s: We have gathered common questions relating to distance learning and have created a useful FAQ guide that we hope will support you with specific queries.

dl@wilmingtonacademy.org.uk: We will continue to use this bespoke email address regarding technical/password concerns only.

Work Expectations: The team has ensured that all parents that have signed up to receive Google Classroom ‘Guardian Summaries,’ receive an update when work is set for their son/daughter. This useful tool empowers you to understand which tasks should be completed each day by your child.

Timetable We have provided a weekly bespoke home learning timetable overview for you to view. The timetable clearly states a guide to what you child should be doing throughout the week and is written per year group for ease of use. Timetable at the bottom of this page.

Parental Communication: At the end of module 5 parents will receive a whole school ‘news’ bulletin. Starting in module 6 you will receive a bulletin for your son/daughter’s year group twice per module. This will provide you with subject expectations, wellbeing support, rewards, a celebration of student work and much more.

Student Engagement

We have received many thanks from students and parents relating to our continued communication through email or phone. I would like to assure you that we are relentless in our efforts to ensure communication is as effective as possible. Please inform your child that the academy is monitoring student engagement through Google Classroom and interaction with staff via email or other means.

Please convey to your son/daughter that they need to be aware that the work provided is important to complete and that failure to do this could result in many issues such as a decline in progress, feeling overwhelmed when trying to catch up on work missed and a lack of confidence once the lockdown measures are lifted.

SEN Support

Students with additional needs continue to be supported by the SENCo and the SEND team. Regular communication with families is firmly in place.

There are additional resources available to support distance learning. (Work book formats and online links can be found under the SEN tab). Social stories and wellbeing resources are also available to support at home.

Furthermore, if your child takes part in Catch Up Numeracy, Nessy or Rosetta Stone interventions, you would have received personalised logins so your child can access this. As you are aware, the SEN team are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, or assist with any difficulties that you may be experiencing. Please find the contact details here: send@wilmingtonacademy.org.uk


To ensure a consistent approach for student feedback, staff will provide feedback twice per module using the www/ebi (what went well/ even better if) model. All students will have received feedback for the work completed in Module 5 by 22 May. For Module 6 feedback will be provided to students by the end of Week 3 (Friday 19 June) and Week 6 (Friday 10 July).


So that we continue to praise and incentivise our students. Staff will measure the engagement of your child and score via Bromcom. A student will fall into 1 of 4 categories under the new merit system for distance learning (DL):

DL5 – Engaged with all of the work set within your subject in the 3 week period

DL3 – Engaged with most of the work set within your subject in the 3 week period

DL1 – Engaged with some of the work set within your subject in th 3 week period

No merits – Not engaged with any of the work set within your subject in the 3 week period

Students who have achieved the most merits will be entered into a prize draw, with the winner receiving an Amazon voucher – this will be for each year group, every module.

Year 7 & 8 MYP ‘Service Learning/Community Project’

The academy is excited to launch a new ‘Service Learning’ Project. In order to support the local community and celebrate the efforts of key workers, we invite all Year 7 and 8 students to fully engage with the MYP Community Service Project that will run from Monday 11 May to Friday 15 May. Two slots have been allocated on the Year 7 and 8 ‘proposed distance learning timetable’.

The Year 7 Community Learning Project, will take the form of writing a letter to an elderly or vulnerable person in the local community. The Year 8 Community Learning Project, will take the form of a letter or poster thanking key workers. Supporting our local community is an important attribute we instil in our learners as well as forming a fundamental pillar in the IB philosophy.

Links below;



The Wilmington Academy MYP staff will review the projects and award prizes to those who engage the most.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of the academy. We understand that for some working at home can be a challenge, but we encourage all students to continue with daily study so that as little learning time as possible is lost during their time away from school.

Stay safe

Years 7 & 8