Interdisciplinary project on 1st July for Years 7-9

Dear Parent/Carer,

On Thursday 1st July, students in Year 7-9 will be off timetable and completing their interdisciplinary project, a key component of the IB Middle Years Program. 

What is Interdisciplinary Learning?

Interdisciplinary learning provides students with the opportunity to explore how different subjects can be used to understand a key idea. During the day, students will bring together concepts and knowledge from a range of subjects that will allow them to explain a key phenomenon, solve a problem or complete a project. A key focus is allowing students to develop knowledge on something that will positively impact the world we live in, either helping a local or global community. 

What subjects will students be focusing on?

Students will be participating in the following subjects, based on their year group. 

  • Year 7: Arts, Design and Languages
  • Year 8: Maths, Science and PE
  • Year 9: Individuals and Societies and English

During the day, students will receive bespoke lessons, delivered by subject specialists, to help them gain knowledge which can be applied to real world issues. 

How will the students be assessed?

Students will be assessed on four key criteria, which will be reported home at the end of the academic year. This will show as a separate subject on their reports and students will receive a grade that reflects the four components below:

  • A – Disciplinary Grounding– Assessment focuses on the knowledge students have of the subjects
  • B – Synthesising – Assesses students on their ability to apply knowledge from different subjects to key questions.
  • C – Communication – Explores how coherently students have been able to communicate their knowledge 
  • D – Reflection- Allows students to reflect on their personal performance, as well as how the subjects have allowed them to understand a key topic

Key Notices

  • Students will be with their form groups. 
  • Year 7 and 9 students should attend school in full school uniform, with their normal equipment for the day, including devices.
  • Year 8 students should attend in full PE kit. Students do not need to bring their device with them for the lessons on this day, but should come with all other equipment 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address below:


Yours faithfully,

Lucy Hawkins
Lead for Personal Development- MYP Interdisciplinary and Relationships and Sex Education
Head of Geography