Joffre White will be visiting Wilmington Academy

As part of his New Year 2019 UK Schools Tour, the author and a UK Patron of Reading Joffre White will be visiting Wilmington Academy on Thursday 7th February 2019.

All students in Year 8 will attend the special ‘Power of Words’ motivational show taking place in our Lecture Theatre.  This session is not just about reading and will engage even the most reluctant of readers.  Students will be told through humour, anecdotes and participation how to achieve their aspirations, that knowledge is power and how to use the power of words to follow their dreams.

Selected students will then be invited to attend one of two Creative Writing Workshops where they can develop their ideas into full story plans.

Students will have the opportunity to buy personally signed copies of Joffre’s books; Frog, Frog and the Sandpipers, Frog and the Tree of Spells (Fantasy Series) or Earthland (a Teen/Young Adult Dystopian adventure) at a discounted price.