Knowledge Organisers (Homework)

Students reading Macbeth stood in front of their class

Dear Parents/Carers,

Implementation of Knowledge Organisers (Homework)

We have conducted a range of research to find techniques that have credible evidence to support learners being successful and believe that Knowledge Organisers offer the best pathway to help your child to succeed.  It allows students to build prior knowledge and helps them to build confidence in every subject.

As a key element of our teaching and learning strategy, the academy will continue to use Knowledge Organisers as homework for all year 7 to 11 students.  Knowledge Organisers are separated into tasks for the whole module and contain all the basic information that students need to access their learning. This knowledge will also build over the course of the year, so that when your son/daughter has an assessment, they can use the knowledge organisers for that subject as a revision tool.  This strategy helps best prepare your son/daughter for the level of recall needed to successfully complete the rigorous new-style 9-1 GCSE examinations.

Knowledge Organisers will appear on Google Classroom, the school website and the distance learning website from the start of the module, students can print these if they wish, or can access them via their device. These will be used as a basis of low stakes testing across the module. These Knowledge Organiser quizzes will be set on Google Classrooms and should be completed ahead of class assessments in the module.

How can you help your son/daughter?

1. Knowledge Organisers will be given each module on Google Classrooms, you could help your child by printing them out and place them in a folder for them to use at home. They will also be published on the academy website curriculum and assessment tab.

2. Help your child to create a homework timetable:

  • One hour, five times per week
  • 20 minutes each on three different subjects per session

3. Quiz your child on the information, help them to create Quizlets, flash cards, posters etc.

If you have any queries concerning the content of any Knowledge Organiser, please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance.  Thank you for your support in implementing this key strategy to help best prepare your child to become more confident, independent and prepared for learning.

Yours faithfully,

Mr L Barker

Assistant Principal Jupiter College