Marketing guru inspires post 16 students at Wilmington Academy

Years 12 and 13 at Wilmington Academy were fortunate enough to be the recipients of a highly inspiring presentation by Barnaby Wynter of the Brand Bucket Company. Barnaby can easily be considered to be a successful businessman and related his life journey to that which our students are currently embarking on. He stressed that this is a crucial time in their transition into adulthood and free thinking whilst also emphasising the importance of working hard to achieve life goals. Barnaby related detail of his career from graduate, to becoming the youngest Managing Director of a top 200 marketing agency, international professional speaker and the man behind many iconic brands including the Marie Curie daffodil.

Many students took the opportunity to thank him personally for his presentation and one even asked if he could join Barnaby for work experience- a request which was graciously accepted.

Miss Evans , Coordinator of Post 16 commented “Barnaby did a fantastic job – students were talking about the assembly afterwards, even to students who were not in on the day!”

Thank you to Barnaby for inspiring our students.