Master Thought Processes at Wilmington Academy

master-thought-processOften choices after Post 16 can be the hardest and most challenging ones to make, as university is not for everyone.

With this in mind, a selected group of year 13 students at Wilmington Academy, had the opportunity to participate in a master thought processes workshop with local businessman, Ian Ludlow ( Ian has many years of business experience as well as being a qualified apprenticeships assessor and job coach.

Ian utilised his coaching skills to help focus students upon their next step. The majority of this group of students have yet to secure a placement, so Ian began by using a hexagon based system to channel this creative thinking session and enable students to narrow down their field of choice. Students completed a number of mini tasks in which they visualised their career aspirations and charted how they might progress towards their desired career.  Students left the session with a clearer idea about their next steps, and more confident in making career based choices.

The session with Ian Ludlow was very useful.  Before the session I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in either finance, business or music.  The session helped me to narrow down what it was I wanted to do to finance.  From this, I could begin to think about existing opportunities and potential employers who could help me to begin my career within the finance industry. I’m excited about applying for Marks & Spencer’s assistant management programme and hopefully working my way up into their finance department.” – Eric Pak