Module 3 Arrangements

Three post-16 students talking

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we finalise the end of the calendar year, the leadership team would like to thank you for all of your support and commitment to Wilmington Academy. This letter is also to inform you of updates for our return in Module 3.

Staggered Start from January

In order to facilitate the Department for Education guidance re: COVID testing for students on their return to the academy in January 2022, we have had to amend the students return to the academy dates see below.

  • Wednesday 5 January – Year 9, 10 and 11 return
  • Thursday 6 January – Year 7, 8 and Post-16 return

Period 1 on both Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 January will be tutor periods, so students should go directly to their usual tutor group classroom.

COVID-19 Testing and Consent

To support the government requirement for students to take a lateral flow test onsite at the academy and in addition to testing that will take place on Wednesday 5 January and Thursday 6 January, in the first instance we would like to invite our Year 11 and Post-16 students for whom we have consent in on Tuesday 4 January in the Sports Hall at the times below.

  • 12.00 Year 11 Apollo
  • 12.30 Year 11 Minerva
  • 1.00 Year 11 Jupiter
  • 1.30 Year 12
  • 2.00 Year 13

Whilst we appreciate that Tuesday 4 January is an INSET day, we would greatly appreciate your support in helping us to get students tested as quickly as possible to minimise any impact on learning time.

Please note that even if you have given consent before, to consent to testing for January 2022 onwards, you must complete the Google Form via the link below. If this is not completed your child will not be able to be tested. (To facilitate our administrative processes please can you complete the form by 8.00am on Tuesday 4 January).

All testing will be facilitated in the Sports Hall. All students are expected to bring their own mask/face covering from home.

Wellbeing Award & Safeguarding Review

Further to our successful attainment of the National Wellbeing Award, an external review of Safeguarding was undertaken on Tuesday 7 December. We are pleased to say that our Safeguarding arrangements are effective and that the reviewer was very impressed by the high level of care taken to ensure that our students are, and remain safe.

Staffing Changes

We are delighted to inform you of some key staffing appointments that we have made with effect from January 2022 onwards:

  • Acting SENCO – Sarah Hawley
  • Wellbeing Manager – Sarah West
  • Acting Head of Geography – Richard West
  • Careers Lead – Joanna Bramley
  • Director of Learning (Visual and Performing Arts) – Lucy Collinson
  • Director of Learning (P16 IB Programmes) – Kathleen Sanders
  • Coordinator of PE – Tom Cooper
  • Head of Year 9 (Apollo) – Dan Dowling
  • Head of Year 9 (Minerva) – Jana Morris
  • Student Services Manager (Minerva) – Victoria Couldridge

(See below an updated pastoral structure for January 2022 onwards.)


  • Year 11 – HOC – Pete Devlin
  • Year 10 – AP – Gina Stringer
  • Year 9 – HOY – Dan Dowling
  • Year 8 – HOY – Alex Schoedderert
  • Year 7 – AP – Ian Priest
  • SSM – Paul Marshall and Rubina Arthur


  • Year 11 – HOC – Steph Goodall
  • Year 10 – AP – Anthony Farr
  • Year 9 – HOY – Matt Hellyer
  • Year 8 – HOY – Steve Staunton
  • Year 7 – AP – Lee Barker
  • SSM – Dawn Peeling and Maxine McLean


  • Year 11 – HOC – Patrick Lonergan
  • Year 10 – AP – Teyfide Salih
  • Year 9 – HOY – Jana Morris
  • Year 8 – HOY – Ryan Willington
  • Year 7 – AP – Carmen Quan
  • SSM – Sharron Duff and Victoria Couldridge

Pastoral Changes at Breaktime

The rota for college breaks will be as follows from Module 3:

10.40 – 11.05 Break: Post 16/Jupiter

Tutor Time: Apollo/Minerva

11.05 – 11.30 Break:  Apollo/Minerva

Tutor Time: Post-16/Jupiter

We trust you to have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you on our return in January.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Gore