MyON – online Library

We are very excited to be launching our participation in myON, a new digital platform which will allow our students unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books. This forms an integral part of our commitment to support home learning, to increase student engagement and to further develop reading skills in our students especially in the present climate of Covid 19 and beyond as we all adjust to a new way of working and learning.

MyON will be a part of our school’s digital strategy allowing access to a ‘24/7 student -centred personalised literacy platform which will match students with the right book and at the right reading level based on their interests.’ This will enable our students to access a digital library of 7000 books and age-appropriate news articles all year round. The myON daily news’ articles can also be translated into French and Spanish to support the close reading skills of our students as well. Furthermore, the platform will also allow staff to remotely set reading and writing projects to develop your child’s/ward’s learning. MyON also offers an exciting homework feature as well.

At Wilmington, we have firmly embedded the Accelerated Reader ethos over a period of many years, so we will now be able to link myON to the pupils ZPD ( the child’s ZPD defines the readability range from which they should be selecting books in order to achieve optimal growth in reading skills without experiencing any frustration) so children can continue to enjoy quizzing and earning points. With myON, your child/ward can have pages, sentences or words read to them. Moreover, they can also look up words they do not understand and highlight and annotate passages. Each book will contain discussion questions and writing prompts to support their progress with reading.

This is an exciting new digital Literacy platform and we would like to thank you in advance for your support in launching myON at Wilmington Academy as we continue our journey to develop in your child/ward a love for reading and books.

All year 7-9 students have had their accounts set up so they can now login into myON with their present Accelerated Reader usernames and passwords.

Please ensure your child links their Accelerated Reader account to their myOn account by clicking ‘CONNECT NOW’ when first logging into their myOn account. They must log on in lowercase letters.

If your child has any problems logging into their account please contact:

Please click here to view the Parents Guide

Click to access MyON

Happy reading to everyone!