Post-16 Results 2019

Wilmington Academy staff and students are proud to report another very successful set of Post 16 results. Both academic and vocational outcomes are very strong, improving on last year with students achieving an average of C+ for academic courses and a Distinction – for vocational courses; it is clear to see that the leadership of Post 16, quality of teaching and learning and dedication of our students is to be commended. 

The academy’s decision to pursue International Baccalaureate courses at Post 16 has had a very positive impact on the academic outcomes and students preparation for life beyond the academy.  In our inaugural year of receiving IB results, we can celebrate the outstanding achievement of outperforming the international global average point score (Wilmington Academy 31.8 C+ and IB Average 29.6 C-). We are also delighted with the increase in Distinction and Distinction stars in the vocational qualifications.

All students have secured their preferred destinations with an overwhelming majority going to university.

Mike Gore, Principal of Wilmington Academy said “I am delighted with the outcomes at Post 16. Today we celebrate two years of hard work and effort from both staff and students. It is a pleasure to celebrate the successes of so many of our students and discuss their onward pathways”.

William Hogan-O’Neill, Chairman of Governors said “I would like to share my hearty congratulations to staff and students at Wilmington Academy for a great set of results”

Harry Edmundson: H6 (IB English Language and Literature), H6 (IB Film), S5 (IB History), B (Reflective Project), Distinction x 2 (BTEC Diploma in Business).  

Harry intends to read English at the University of Exeter – a four year course which includes a year studying abroad.






Mitchell Cole: H6 (IB English Language and Literature), H6 (IB Film), B (Reflective Project), Distinction (BTEC Business).

Mitchell goes on to study Film and American Studies at the University of Sussex.

Matthew Pike: Distinction (BTEC Foundation Diploma in Sport), S5 (IB Maths), H5 (IB Business Management), B (Reflective Project).

Matthew has started work for Europa Worldwide.




James Huckle: A (A Level Maths), H6 (IB Biology), H5 (IB Business Management).

James has decided to take a year out, deferring his place to study Mathematics at Imperial College London.






Susannah O’Regan: Distinction Star (BTEC Law), H5 (IB Business Management), H4 (IB Biology), A (Reflective Project).

Susannah has chosen to study Psychology at the University of Greenwich.


Harmanpreet Padda: Distinction (BTEC Law), H5 (IB English Language and Literature), H4 (IB Business Management).

Harmanpreet starts at Brunel University in September, reading English with Creative Writing.