Responsible Pilot Scheme pilot – Wilmington Academy

Last week, during Road Safety Week, Wilmington Academy became one of just two Kent schools to pilot a new responsible parking toolkit. This involved the school pupils volunteering their time each morning and three to five afternoons to “patrol” the local roads ensuring that drivers are parking safely and responsibly.

The RPS – Responsible Parking Squad consisted of four students over the course of the week issuing “tickets” to those drivers who have parked illegally (on zig-zags, on double yellow lines, etc.); there is no fine attached to these tickets however we have found that issuing a tangible slip can be a more effective and memorable message to drivers. A “Lesson Plan” leaflet was also widely distributed to drivers and parents to remind them of the importance of parking responsibly and the impact that has on the safety of the school environment.

Initial reactions would indicate that overall, the Responsible Parking Squad has been well received and would imply that KCC will be able to move forward relatively quickly with the official launch of the toolkit, making it available to all secondary schools across Kent. We have also been inviting parents to complete two surveys – before and after the Responsible Parking pilot – to discover the parents’ response and feedback as a result of the initiative.