Road Safety

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I am writing to ask for your support in speaking to your son/daughter about the issue of road safety.  We regularly remind our students of the importance of crossing the road safely, and following simple road safety rules.  Feedback we have received from members of the public suggests that whilst the vast majority of students cross the road sensibly, there are a small number who do not.  

As I am sure you will agree, the prospect of any one of our students being seriously injured or worse, due to failure to follow road safety rules, or the advice of staff, is the last thing any of us want.  So may I please request that you reinforce the road safety messages students receive at the academy. That is, when crossing the road, they should be sensible, aware of the traffic and cross at the appropriate crossing point, obeying traffic and crossing signals.  

This includes entering and leaving the academy site via the correct entrance/exit.   

Ultimately, students must take responsibility for their own safety, hence us asking you to reiterate its importance.

I am sure you will agree that your child’s safety is paramount and I thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

Pete Devlin
First Deputy