Sci-Fi Convention – World Book Day 2017

On World Book Day and as part of our Sci-Fi Convention we invited Doctor Who Scriptwriter William Gallagher to Wilmington Academy with his script writing “Play in a Day” workshops.

william-gallagherWilliam has written drama for previous Doctor’s Colin Baker and Peter Davison as well as being the author of Doctor Who radio dramas.  He is also a journalist and columnist, having written and shot videos for Radio Times with David Tennant.  He has also produced films about Torchwood and Strictly Come Dancing.

The workshops began with a simple written exercise where students wrote a sentence and then passed their work around to be continued by others.  At the end of the exercise, and without realising it, they had unknowingly written the scene of a play.

The students (and Staff) then performed the scenes they had written giving them the opportunity to see how something on a page comes alive when acted out.

William’s workshops were a mixture of fun and creativity, and every student went away feeling inspired.

Maybe some of our students will use what they have learnt to spark an interest in writing as either a hobby or career.  Who knows we may have the next William Gallagher in Wilmington Academy.