SCI-FI Convention

Days 1 – 3

Our annual celebration for World Book Day began on Monday with news that OFSTED would be visiting on Day 2.

Day 1

moon-rockThe Moon Rock and Meteorites exhibition went ahead as planned with Mrs Oliver, our very own Astronomer, delivering two sessions on the universe with the aid of valuable samples which were on loan from the Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society.

Students, staff and parents discovered how the moon was formed and the different types of rock the moon is made from.  They were told how astronauts found the surface of the moon so dusty that it clogged up their machinery.

The lunar samples were presented in an encapsulated disc for viewing but the different examples of chunk-sized pieces of meteorites were the star of the show and were able to be carefully handled.

Day 2

Entries for Alien Artwork were handed in but judging was delayed due to our visitors.

Day 3

The Individual Challenge – Alien Artwork was judged.  There were some amazing entries but the top points went to:  A8, A12, A14, J9 and M11.

We also judged Planetary Defense System entries and the overall winners were George Waddilove M9 and Callum Burke J9.

m11-alien-artwork              meteorite

M11 Alien Artwork                                                              Meteorite