Student Support ‘Live’ Subject Drop-ins

Dear Parent/Carer

Further to my email of 15 January 2021, I write to remind you that our second round of subject specific ‘drop-ins’ have been scheduled for next week. Please remind your son/daughter to check their Google Classroom for each subject, so that they know when this will be and how to join. Please also remember that your child has been invited to a weekly ‘live’ tutor time session, where they are able to gain support from their tutor.

These support sessions will be an excellent opportunity for your child to ask their class teacher any questions they might have about their work and to gain extra support in that subject.

To access these support sessions and tutor time your son/daughter must be logged in using their school login, so that they are able to access the Google Classrooms for their sessions.

Please can you go over ‘live lesson’ etiquette with your child.  When they join the session their microphone should be muted at first and they should follow the instructions of the teacher.  Students that fail to follow these instructions and interrupt the session detrimentally will be removed from the session.

Online Learning Survey for Parents/Carers

The Leigh Academies Trust in conjunction with Wilmington Academy, would like to carry out a review into your son’s/daughter’s home learning experience during the current period of the closure of the academy.

Parents will be aware that our provision has significantly improved since the last lockdown.  We have worked hard to ensure that:

  • Every lesson is available via Google Classroom and that your child has access to every subject
  • Lessons are posted daily via the Google Classroom for that subject
  • Students follow their daily timetable, working for a maximum of an hour on each subject
  • Support to students and parents has been maintained through a bespoke email address:
  • Support for students and their families has been maintained through our home learning website and includes a number of recorded tutorials for both students and parents
  • ‘Live’ Google Suite lessons have been provided via YouTube for parents
  • The majority of lessons are pre-recorded using ScreenCastify
  • There is an increase in ‘live’ lessons using Google Meet
  • All students have been invited weekly to ‘live’ subject drop-in sessions and tutor time
  • Parents receive a weekly engagement report on MCAS for their child
  • The academy has worked hard to provide devices/home internet access to a significant number of families who have requested our assistance

As you are aware, we have implemented a lot of changes to help improve our online provision, but we would like to improve this further.  Your help by completing the survey on this link, would be greatly appreciated.


Access to a Device/Home Internet

May I take this opportunity to thank those parents who completed our recent device and home internet survey. The academy has made excellent progress in obtaining these devices and they have been distributed to eligible students.

Technical Queries

If you have any technical questions concerning Google Classroom, student logins or access to My Child at School, please contact: and we will be happy to help you.


Please would you remind your son/daughter that they must register each morning on our student portal, this is the same as them gaining their registration mark if they were in school.  This must be done between 08.40am and 11.00am each morning.  Here is a link to the student portal, if you bookmark the link once your child has accessed the page, they will be able to access this easily each morning.

Free School Meals – Do you qualify?

If your circumstances have changed during the pandemic, KCC have provided the following link for parents to use to see if they might qualify for free school meals for their children.


Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Yours faithfully

Stephanie Goodall
Head of Jupiter College
Teaching and Learning Lead