Summer Exam Update for Years 11 and 13

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Dear Parent/Carer

Summer Exam Update for Years 11 and 13


The following letter is to be discussed with your son/daughter. The aim is to clarify some key points from the recent Government announcement. Whilst we appreciate this news may not motivate or encourage exam groups at this time, there are some key details below that students should be aware of that will impact on their results.

Cancellation of GCSE/AL Exams

As you may be aware, due to Covid-19 the government has decided to cancel GCSE and A Level summer examinations. As a result, the government will be utilising ‘Centre Assessed Grades’ which will be provided by the teacher. The Department for Education (DFE) will be in consultation with the Office for Qualification and Examinations (OFQUAL) to discuss how this process will work. Please note that a consultation is also in place for BTECs and International Baccalaureate (IB) qualifications.


We are delighted with the way that the majority of year 11 and P16 have responded to home learning. Teachers have reported to me that most students are continuing to display resilience and independence. However, there is room for improvement. We have learnt from last year’s cohort that credible teacher assessments come from the evidence provided to the teacher from the student.

Please highlight to your son/daughter the following:

  • Students should be achieving a high digital engagement score (DES).

  • Students need to be aware that all work provided to the teacher is evidence to justify their outcomes in the summer.

  • It is likely that teaching staff will need to share student evidence outside of the academy to standardise and justify their grading.

  • Now is not the time to put your feet up!

  • If your teacher sets you a task or an assessment it needs to be ‘the best you’.

  • It is likely that there will be a set of ‘mocks’ or mini assessments on our return to the school. Again, the outcomes of these will form part of a student’s evidence portfolio. Use this time to prepare and plan accordingly.

Discussing student outcomes/Predicted grades

All Staff have been told not to discuss predicted grades at present. This is because the Government has not set clear guidance in relation to student outcomes for the summer. We still have some way to go in gathering teacher evidence and would not want to disadvantage any student with a judgement at this stage.

The Senior Leadership Team and I will continue to review the national picture and ensure the effective communication between the academy and yourself continues – empowering both you and your son/daughter with as much clarity as possible, in line with any guidance released by the Department for Education and OFQUAL.

Yours faithfully
Mr M Gore