Super Success in our Post 16 International Baccalaureate Results 2021

We are incredibly proud of the post 16 journey we have been on at Wilmington Academy and have always strived to help our students attain the best outcomes: nothing optimises that aspiration better than our recent set of International Baccalaureate Diploma subject results!

Once again, this year has seen us celebrate our best ever set of results and a huge ‘congratulations’ must go to our students, parents, teachers and post 16 team, for helping us continue our truly outstanding trajectory of success. 

Particular congratulations go to:

  • IB Reflective Project students, all of whom achieved top marks with 100% A;
  • IB Diploma in Chemistry students who achieved a simply stunning: 100% H7-H6 (A*-A);
  • IB Diploma in Information Technology in a Global Society students who achieved a superb: 100% H7-H6 (A*-A);
  • IB Diploma in Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations who achieved a magnificent: 100% S7-6 (A*-A);
  • IB Diploma in English Language and Literature students who achieved a wonderful: 10% H7 (A*), 48% H7-H6 (A*-A), and 100% H7-H5 (A*-C);
  • IB Diploma in Business Management students who achieved an amazing: 13% H7 (A*), 53% H7-H6 (A*-A), 87% H7-H5 (A*-C), 100% H7-H3 (A*-E);
  • IB Diploma in History students who achieved a sensational: 62% H7-H6 (A*-A) and 100% H7-H5 (A*-C).

This splendid set of first class results has helped us to achieve a record breaking average grade per student of 5.76 (the equivalent of a Grade B+). Below is just a small sample of the responses from our students upon opening their results:

“Everyone in Wilmington was very supportive and I am very glad I attended this sixth form. I am also very grateful for the teachers I had. They were the best and I couldn’t have asked for more.” 

“I had an amazing time coming to Wilmington. I felt very welcomed and especially coming from a different school and not knowing many people. Thank you for all your support and effort.” 

“I have come out of this place a person who is far more confident in their own abilities. I have gained great friends and an amazing support system!”

“Thank you Wilmington for everything! And thank you Post 16 for all of your work through COVID to still help us get the best results possible!”

We are beyond proud of the resilience, excellence, and continued determination both our students and staff have shown in such challenging circumstances. With potential destinations next year including the University of Exeter to read Law and the University of Liverpool to read English, we know that the students leaving us have the brightest futures ahead of them.

I know that you will want to help celebrate this cohorts’ splendid success by offering your congratulations to all. 


Yours faithfully

 Mr M Gore | Principal