The Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Tournament – Week One

Jade Archer (M5) winner of the Great Hall Feast

Wizards love to feast and at the start of every new term at Hogwarts, there is a feast in the Great Hall.  Students were asked to create a dessert or cake and explain the inspiration behind it.

Jade’s cake not only looked and tasted delicious but the thought and creativity that she had put into it was amazing.

When asked about her cake Jade told us: – “My cake has a wooden wand (not edible) that is supposed to look like it has been thrown into the muddy ground which is represented by the chocolate icing.  It is dark on the outside to represent dark magic, and light on the inside to represent light magic.  The white icing is lightning bolts representing how much power is in the wand.”

Once Jade’s cake had been cut open, we could see the different coloured layers and the centre had been filled with sweets.


Jemeila Wayne (M9) winner of Get Caught Reading

For this challenge students were asked to take a photo of themselves reading a copy of any ‘Harry Potter’ book in the most exciting location they could think of.

The winner, Jemeila, chose to produce an album of 3 photographs taken in various locations around the Academy.  The first was taken in the Gym, the second in the Boardroom (usually out of bounds to students) and thirdly in Mrs Trusler’s office.  Jemeila even asked if she could wear Mrs Trusler’s glasses to read her book.


lee-1-w640Lee Seal (A13) winner of The Physics of Flight  

There are many things in the Harry Potter world that defy the laws of physics; flying broomsticks, floo powder and transfiguration.

Students were asked to choose one magical concept from the Harry Potter series and come up with a way of explaining the potential physics of how the magic works, using the laws of science.

Lee chose the magical concept of Transfiguration.  His presentation to the judges was excellent; he was articulate with a clear awareness of science.


Ben Tanner (A12) and Taylor Dawson (M14) winners of Wizarding Trivia Duels

Students from Apollo and Minerva went head to head to find out who knew their Harry Potter books inside out.

Both Ben and Taylor reigned supreme to win top spot for their respective tutor groups.


Today’s competition was Wizard Chess.  Students went head-to-head to win points and glory for their respective tutor groups.  It was a hard fought match but the eventual winner was James Coventry representing A13.  The Runner-Up was Tommy White representing M16.


Quidditch Cup

In Harry Potter world, Quidditch is the ultimate sport.  Today during the lunch break, teams from tutor groups 1-8 competed to win glory and points.  Next Friday teams from tutor groups 9-16 will compete. The overall winner will be announced once all teams have competed.

Relic Challenges

Friday was also the day for the Relic Challenges.  Each wizarding school (tutor group) was asked to bring a collection of relics for a special wizarding exhibition in the LRC.  Relics were to include: a wand, wizarding robes, a marauder’s map, school crests.

The winning tutor group will be announced early next week.

Images from Week One of the Tri-Wizard Tournament