Visit from Eagle Heights

Day two of our Tri-Wizard Tournament saw the arrival of Alan the Birdman from Eagle Heights together with his Birds of Prey.  He introduced Alaska the Bald Eagle, Sybil a beautiful Harris Hawk, an Owl called Sparky and the amazing Peregrine Falcon.

He spoke to Year 7 and 8 students about life processes, adaptation, food chains and how important it is to conserve the habitats that support these beautiful birds.

The students (and staff) watched in awe as the birds flew around the Lecture Theatre and a few of our students were lucky enough to have a photo taken with the Eagle on their back.

Today’s challenge for the Tri-Wizard Tournament was called The Physics of Flight where students were asked to choose one magical concept from the Harry Potter series and come up with a way of explaining the potential physics of how the magic works.

Both Miss Marken and Mrs Kenedy were amazed at the presentations of the students which made the judging so difficult.  Results will be announced after students from Minerva give their presentations on Thursday.

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